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December 2019 

28.12.2019 (1)

Quiet Corner

From Pearl’s Pen

Harvest has passed, summer has ended. Jeremiah; 8.20.

Once again we wake up to a dark misty wet morning, not to mention it is now feeling much colder.

As we approach Christmas I muse on how much life has changed this last year. The autumn mile stones have passed’ i.e., Bonfire night went by with less disturbance than usual, where as in years passed the sky was continually lit up with pretty star shaped coloured sparks and repetitive bangs weeks before Nov 5th . However the community fire work displays are much safer, indeed keeping these “special days” is a good way of teaching history and maintaining a social togetherness. But still the jacket potatoes, hot chocolates, fireworks and the games played by torch light in the back garden were so family orientated – a real fun time together.

I was sad to have missed remembrance Sunday. Joining others; to show respect to the fallen men & women of the dreadful wars. I also miss going to church on Sunday’s and the weekly prayer meetings.

Worshipping together was/is such an encouragement, a strengthening of soul and spirit. Being together has an impact on own stability and growth as Christians. As Margaret Kerr would say “Iron sharpens Iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend”  Prov; 27.7.

But’ now looking  forward to Christmas and God’s gift of love, the birth of Jesus. Born in a stable, swaddled and laid in a manger! Under a bright starlit sky, wise men travelled to see the wonder baby taking him gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Holy Spirit, help us to embrace the love of God this Christmas in his Son Jesus, Amen

Happy Christmas Everyone


28.12.2019 (2)


Rachael Mortimer, 28/12/2019